Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One of the most important clinical trials ever conceived

I have been asked by many people, what exactly is this trial that is being funded by Lunch for a Cure's "lunch money" this year? I have volumes on that. In fact, I have everything you would need to move an important clinical trial in neuroblastoma forward- strong preclinical data, an experienced research team, a consortium of hospitals dedicated to getting the trial open, and incredible scientific reviews.

But, before I begin to delve into all of that, I want you to truly understand why this clinical trail is so important to children with neuroblastoma. So, for that, I want you to take a moment to imagine.

Imagine that your child has neuroblastoma.

Imagine that you have been told that your child would most likely die.

It is a horrible, gut wrenching feeling and one that, unless you have been in that situation, I can guarantee is far worse than anything your mind or heart can conjure. For better or worse, it is truly unimaginable. None the less, I ask you to try.

Are you there yet? Can you feel it? Do you feel like all of the air has been squeezed out of you?

Now, I want you to imagine your child enduring rounds and rounds of high dose chemotherapy, multiple surgeries, a stem cell transplant (or 2), and radiation - and this is only what the first 6 months have brought your child.

The good news is that all of this treatment is working. Your child is better. Your child isn't cured but he or she is winning. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

There is hope.

After all, the neuroblastoma research world has just had an important discovery. We have a drug that has been proven to increase survival by 20%. This is the lifeline. This is the drug that can make the difference for your child. This is the potentially cure cementing answer you are looking for. It will tip the scales.

But, now I want you to imagine that your child can't have this drug.

He or she just can't. Your child won't get this drug and your child won't have a 20% better chance at survival.

Can you feel it now?

You see in this world, the real world, this happens everyday. There are children just like yours today that can't get this drug. Their doctor can't prescribe it and they can't buy it. It doesn't matter who you are, who you know, or how much money you have.

There are all kinds of complicated reasons why these children can't get the drug. They can't have it because they weren't on the right clinical trial. They can't have it because it is not FDA approved. They can't get it because of a limited supply. They can't get it because they ran out of time. They can't have it because they had to much disease at a particular point in time. They can't have it because they relapsed. There are literally hundreds of potential reasons they can't have it.

It is sad.

And children are dying because they cant get this drug - today, in the United States of America.

The clinical trial that Lunch for a Cure is funding will provide this drug to many children that can't get it. Furthermore, it also seeks to improve its efficacy and decrease its side effects.

It will saves lives.

When is the last time you knew that giving up your lunch for one day would actually save a child's life? You can't, can you. This time it will.

Now, for those of you wanting to read more about this trial, go to

For those of you that wanting to give up a lunch to help fund this clinical trial, go to

For those of you that want to make a real big difference, ask all of your friends to do the same.

This is purpose - magnified.

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