Friday, November 19, 2010

Just call me Clark, Clark Griswald

Thanksgiving has arrived. Oh, I know you may not think that Thanksgiving has arrived. You may not have even been to the grocery store to buy your turkey yet. But, if your in the Dungan household, Gobble time is here. The kiddos are already out of school and chomping at the bit to hop in the Suburban assault vehicle and make our very best impersonation of the Griswalds as we make our 13 hour trek to the deep south. As it stands, today I am in charge. The kiddos are home and it is my job to pack and get us all ready to leave by about 4 or 5 tomorrow morning. That means, doing the laundry, cleaning the house, and packing (amidst a list of about 20 items that Lynley has left for me to do). Yes, and all of that while I also watch the kiddos. And, yes, this is all happening while Lynley sits her cute little butt at work and socializes (about business stuff I am sure). Somehow, I got the raw end of the deal.

None the less, even though I won't have my blushing brides help (although I am sure I will receive about 20 more texts from Demandia requesting for me to do more) I do have three little helpers (slaves) by my side. I think I might keep them busy packing for Lynley all day. Knowing Ainsley, she will have Lyn in a pink polka dotted top and yellow and green striped pants for Thanksgiving dinner. That ought to teach her a lesson for leaving her poor husband to do all of this work.

Feel sorry for me yet?

Naw? Neither did she. Oh well, I had better get to work.

In all actuality I am actually really looking forward to our trip. Not only am I looking forward to being back in Huntsville, AL but I am also looking forward to the road trip itself. I know. It sounds strange, doesn't it? The fact is that we have a pretty good time. The kiddos are pretty good and we all have fun stopping along the way. You would be amazed at the excitement a gas stop can be for the kiddos. It is amazing how different they find everything. Listening to them you would thing the truck stop in Terrell, TX or the BP Oil outside of Jackson,MS were in foreign countries. (Well, I guess in a way the latter probably is) Regardless, it is a fun day full of beef jerky, pumpkin seeds, Gatorade, and all of the sites, sounds, and smells (yes, smells) of life on the road.

I am looking forward to it. We will be making memories.

How weird am I?

That is just what one example of what purpose will do to you.

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Anonymous said...

We can't wait for you all to get here--just remember you are following the old tradition of"over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go!!! We are counting the hours!!!Kip is taking the whole week off to be here to play with the kids We sure hope they all have fun!!!!