Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Neuroblastoma Black Friday Sale

Lunch for Cure Cookbooks are flying off the presses and they are ready for sale. This Black Friday Sale is a bit different than others. Instead of offering deep discounts for your purchase, the Neuroblastoma Foundation is offering you the opportunity to save a child's life with it. To me, it is a much better deal and I am sure those receiving your gift will feel the same.

It is simple. Go to and order cookbooks as gifts for your friends, family coworkers, and anyone else you can think of. The proceeds from the sale of this year's cookbook will help fund an incredibly important clinical trial for children with neuroblastoma - a clinical trial which will likely mean the cure for many children. Unlike other "cures" this particular one is proven and the purchase of a cookbook will help ensure that some children that can not receive this treatment will get it.

Not only is the Lunch for a Cure Cookbook an excellent gift for your friends or family but for a child with neuroblastoma it will also mean the gift of life.

Purchase your Lunch for a Cure Cookbook here.

Read more about the "cure" that we seek to fund here.

Help a child with neuroblastoma win a dream vacation to Walt Disney World by donating in their honor here.

This is purpose, with purpose.

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