Monday, November 8, 2010

A 3 day weekend?

Ahhhh - a brand new week.... After a 3 day weekend you might think I would be fully relaxed. Nope, you have it backwards. I am looking forward to a nice work week to relax. Factor in the normal wear and tear the twerplets bestow upon their loving father and then consider the audacity of my mean slave driving wife (I love you dear) and you can begin to understand the level of refreshment that can be gained from a relaxing day at work.

A 3 day weekend, you ask?

Yep, Friday was Grandparent's Day at Southwest Christian School. That meant a 2 hour program followed by early release. That also meant no work for Daddo. Now, the program was almost as good as you could expect a 2 hour program of singing and acting can be as delivered by hundreds of kindergarten through 6th graders. Like you would probably feel - my kids were awesome - but I could have done without all of those other kiddos. That could have shaved off about an hour and 45 minutes right there. None the less, the messenging was pretty good, we walked away with smiles and I am quite sure that SCS walked away with a fair chunk of Grandparent change.

That was the purpose, right?

That evening was filled with the Wipe Out Kids' Cancer Gala - yes, another opportunity to get out our checkbooks. However, this one was special. Our very own Dr. Granger received an award for her medical achievements in neuroblastoma. Lynley and I were proud. We felt as though we had raised her from just a baby pediatric oncologist. The award was well-deserved and points to the incredible work she is doing for the neuroblastoma community. I am only hopeful that news of her great work can inspire some local neuroblastoma awareness and philanthropy.

Some of you may ask. You are part of the Neuroblastoma Foundation, why are you out hawking the goodness of another pediatric cancer foundation. Well, I am not a foundation bigot. If I believe in the work you are doing, I support you. In this case, I believe in what they are doing and, while they do not focus specifically on neuroblastoma, they are a great organization for general pediatric cancer. Mark my words. This will be the next general pediatric cancer leader in North America. One day this name will be synonymous with the big names like Susan G. Komen for the Cure, LiveStrong, and ACS.

The rest of the weekend was just plain hard work that no one really wants to hear about. The good news is that I got a bunch done on Lunch for a Cure, I finished all of the laundry, and I began the great workroom declutter (a huge job).

Now, it is back to serious work - only 4 more days to submit your recipes -

Purpose is well under way!

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