Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Being right

Our first day back to reality brought with it a half of day of school but, for once, it wasn't a school planned activity. Nope, this time it was for a trip to see Dr. Debbie. Both Graham and Sydney have been fighting illness and Lynley decided that it was necessary for them to see the doctor. You may notice that I said "Lynley" instead of "we." That is because Lynley is nice, sweet and caring and I am a big ol' meany that thinks that if it isn't cancer they should just suck it up. Okay, maybe that was a little harsh. I am just of the opinion that if you aren't febrile or showing signs of infection there is no point in going to the doctor. Give the kiddos some over-the-counter decongestant and be done with it.

Regardless, mean old daddy lost and we were off to see Dr. Debbie.

When we arrived at the doctor's office Sydney was surprised that she was the one that had the appointment. That just added fuel to my fire of worthless doctors visits. The irony was that Sydney was the only one that came out with a seemingly genuine sinus infection. She received a script for an antibiotic. So, in the end, even though neither Sydney nor I thought she was sick her mother and her spooking sickness divining senses were smack on. Score one for mommies.

However, Lynley's theory that Graham had pink eye missed its mark. He didn't even have a scratched eye. Apparently he just has some kind of seasonal irritation. He did receive some over the counter eye drops and a promise of treatment if an infection set in. But, in this case, Daddy was Mr. Righty-pants. Oh yeah, score one for the male of the species.

The great sickness competition could not be settled though. Ainsley was not sick or suspected of it. She is just a twerp. Both Lynley and I are in perfect agreement with that.

You know, this all makes me think back to the years of treatment Sydney endured. Lynley and I were diametrically opposed on many items . Sometimes she was right, sometimes I was right.

Never the less, we always made decisions together.

I wonder if it is that skill that is the reason we are still married.

She has definitely gotten better at appreciating my all-knowing-ness. She just gives me a little smile that tells me that I am off my rocker and I somehow know it is time to follow her direction.

I love her.

She is my other purpose that often goes neglected. Don't forget that Mark.

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