Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lost tooth = adult?

Yesterday marks another milestone. To listen to Lynley, her last baby is now all grown up. If you ask Ainsley, she would have told you she has been grown up for a long time. None the less, the last true hurdle of grow-em-up-edness has been achieved. Vestiges of her little girldom are beginning to disappear. Ainsley has lost her very first baby tooth. She is now a certifiable adult.

As anticipated, Ainsley is extremely proud of herself. I can't say that I completely understand this phenomenon but, I must admit, it is pretty fun to watch. With the loss of a tooth, Ainsley is now sophisticated (or at least she certainly seems to think so). She is no longer a lowly toothful twerp. She is a grownup and with the loss of her tooth she can now drive a car and vote. She no longer needs a sippy cup when she is drinking grape juice on the couch. As if she couldn't already do everything "herself" (in her mind) she is now somehow certified to it all.

While I hate to break the news to her that it is not the case, I would have to agree that she is somewhat certifiable.

Wow, do I have my hands full. If this is the transformation that a simple tooth can conjure. I am wondering what will happen when she turns 18, 21, worse yet 16, or (for Ainsley) 6.

Time flies when you are a twerp.

Even I will have to ramp up my purpose if we have any hope of surviving her adolescence.

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