Monday, November 22, 2010

A Griswald Thanksgiving

The Dungan's have arrived. The trip was as eventful as expected. First off, I am happy to report that the family truckster survived the trip. We have now had two trips in a row where the Suburban we were driving actually survived the trip. I hope I did not just curse myself. After all, we still have to make it back home. Regardless the trip was fun - even considering the fact that it took 2 hours to make it through just 10 miles of Mississippi due to some wrecks.

We learned quite a bit. The first realization occurred in Tyler, Texas during our breakfast stop at the Cracker Barrel. Graham remarked at how excited he was to be in the "real old" Texas. "Look, all of the signs are even in old Cowboy letters" he remarked when reading the antique store sign that was next door - the "Old Texas Antique Store," I believe

Back on the road it was not long before we made it to Monroe, LA. Sydney asked "What's the smell, Louisiana?" Sorry Louisiananites, but I don't think you won any supporters from the back seat. The twerplets were not impressed. I fear it has been ingrained in to the hearts, minds and sinuses forever.

Other than the traffic, Mississippi was nice enough. It was our first stop in the syrupy sweetness of the deep South. Our stop at Arby's was uneventful but we wanted to share some of the congeniality we experienced there. The sign at the store wanted to let everyone know that Denekia, Kevin, Kisha, Danyeil, La Tonya, Shaniqua, Tareia, Janeeka, and Kevin wished everyone a Happy Holiday. Being in the South, I just thought we would share some of their good cheer.

Several hours later, we finally made it back to Alabama and, in Lynley's opinion, the true deep South. You could feel it in air. Our first stop at a gas station was met with a tide of friendly chatter. It took nearly 15 minutes to buy a coke and some beef jerky as the person behind the counter decided it was necessary to engage me in friendly banter. Friendly-enough people, I suppose. I think they were just trying to figure out how we were related.

Oh, don't get your nose out of joint Alabamians, I am a native son. After all, Lynley and I had to become bother and sister, before we got our marriage license. Just think of me as that obnoxious crossbred cousin.

All joking aside, I love Alabama. I would move here tomorrow if Mama Marge would let us move in with them.

I guess she just doesn't love us enough.

Well, I best be off, there are hours of in-law pestering purpose ahead of me.

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