Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Scan Week begins

Today officially marks the beginning of Sydney's last official follow up scan. After this week we will no longer be following her regularly with scans. For better or worse, she has finally reached the point where the risk of a secondary cancer from the radiation outweighs the value of routine scans for relapse. From now on, the only time she will be scanned is when we have a significant concern of relapse.

This morning Sydney will have a CT scan of her abdomen, chest, head and orbits. She will also be receiving an injection of MIBG for tomorrow's scan. We are to arrive at 8:15 and, if all goes well we should be out of there by about noon.

If you have any extra prayer time today we would sure appreciate some good thoughts flowing in Sydney's direction. Scan week is always a nail biting time and it is intensified this time around with all of her ancillary ailments.

On a separate note, I gutted up and had an x-ray of my foot yesterday. It is official. My toe is broken. Unfortunately, given the location of the fracture, it is prone to being displaced and there was some significant concern that, with all of the walking I would like to be doing at Walt Disney World with the kiddos, that it would become displaced. For this reason, they put me in a fracture boot. Yes, one of those stylish boots doofuses wear when they have been as graceful as I.

I will be strapped into that puppy for a few weeks at the least. The good news is that the curved bottom does a nice job of preventing me from putting weight on my big toe. That goes a long way in reducing the pain. So, although I might not look as cool as I would normally claim, I am very pleased with the comfort. I am hopeful that it will make our trip to the Magical Kingdom a foot pleasing experience and that I will be able to be a part of all that the kids want to do.

Well, I had best be off. It is time to put on my game face and get my purpose in gear.


Anonymous said...

Marc - This broken toe could be good news for you in Disney World. You can go to "Town Hall" right at the end of Main Street and get a disability pass so you will not have to wait in any lines and you can even use their scooters (for a cost....)

~Dawn~ said...

Rejoicing with you on how far Sydney and you all have come--praying for clear scans, and peace of mind for you all moving forward. I'm sure even that will take some adjusting. Know that we are all THRILLED for you!
~Dawn and Team SuperBub