Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Idiot Big Little Piggy

Can you please tell me why it is necessary for broken toes to hurt so much. So, my big little piggy is an idiot. I was running up the stairs (without shoes) after a thoroughly exhilarating workout. After losing 30 pounds with Insanity (workout program) I am now a buff and ripped almost 40 something. I am in the best shape of my life. I am a well oiled machine.

Running up a set of stairs is no match for me. In fact, the thought of being winded no longer crosses my mind.

I am SuperDad!

Unfortunately, my feet have apparently not seen the increase in dexterity. They are clearly still feeling the ill effects of years of laziness. For some reason, as I was launching my way up the stairs, 4 of the little piggies on my left foot made the correct decision of stepping onto the tread of the next stair. However, the big little piggy thought it would be a good idea to try for the stair below. The next thing my foot knew it had 4 toes going in an upwards direction and 1 stupid toe going in a downward direction. The rest of me was also going in an upwards direction which left the bone in my big little piggy no choice but to snap.

I am not pleased and somewhat whiny.

Now, I am just hoping that my toe heels before our trip to Walt Disney World next week.

It was not the best start to scan week.

I am hoping that it gets better from here. With Sydney continuing to complain about headaches and mysterious ailments, I am pretty nervous.

However, I would gladly take a lifetime of broken toes if it would mean she would get a clean bill of health.

Here is to a week of purposeful purpose.

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