Thursday, June 24, 2010

Radiology Report Amended

Late last night I received a message from Dr. Granger. The tumor board had reviewed Sydney's scans. In the end, they have found that nothing appears concerning.

What, you may ask?

They are claiming that the measurement changes seen are a result of how the CT slices through vertebral bodies. That, of course, makes total sense. However, I am curious as to whether they came to this conclusion based on the 2007, 2009, and 2010 scans or whether they went back further. I must be honest, it would make me feel better if they saw it at the same size back in a 2004 scan.

If that is the case, is this necrotic (dead) original tumor tissue? Also, is the pars defect at L5 related?

So, what could all of this mean?

Well, this could just be dead left over tumor. In which case, we could discuss removing it but I am doubtful I could convince a medical team anywhere to let me do that. It may just become a part of her, a little ball of old dead or differentiated neuroblastoma tumor. That makes me a little more uneasy than previously but I am well aware that, from a risk perspective, it is probably better than the alternative. Of course, there are several ideas and thoughts swimming around in my brain and I will have to let this latest news digest a bit over the next few days before I form too many opinions. I will also need to refresh myself on residual tumor risk.

In the meantime, we are in Orlando at our swanky condo and the magic begins today. Today it is a flip of the coin - Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom?

Given Disney traffic and crowd patterns, fun-ness level, and a myriad of other factors it is not an easy decision. Still, I sure like making these types of decisions more.

Whatever I decide there will still be purpose both in the front and the back of my mind today.

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