Friday, June 4, 2010

Can sneaky good defeat sneaky bad?

Day two of Nanny Stephanie's reign is complete. Once again, she made it through relatively unharmed. Today it became even more clear that she has some twerp management skills.

The force is strong with this one.

Her experience as a kindergarten and first grade teacher over the last few years has prepared her well for the Jedi mind tricks she will most likely encounter in our alien world.

You see, my kids are sneaky. They are smart enough to never start out with blatant badness. They know that would never work. They lull you into bad behavior. It seems as that you have remained in control the whole time but eventually you find yourself realizing that you never had it at all. One moment you are happily watching over 3 delightful kiddos. Over time, though, you find yourself believing you are in charge and that not that much has changed but you can no longer think clearly for the noise and the kiddos are running amuck.

It is amazing how they do that. It is magical misbehavior.

It isn't that I think that my kids are especially bad. In fact, I think they are the opposite. However, I also know that they have an incredible talent for mayhem. In some ways, I fear for anyone entrusted to their care.

In this case, though, I am delightfully surprised. Miss Stephanie knows. It is clear that she has seen this all before and she has some mind tricks of her own. There were a couple of well placed time outs yesterday and the volume was well managed. She can clearly handle Graham and Ainsley. Sydney on the other hand is still befriending her. My eldest has not shown her dark side and I am interested to see how it is handled. If it is anything like the calm and decisive action that Miss Stephanie has handled Doofus and Doofus-er, I think she will fair well.

In fact, I may even learn a few tricks.

This is going well.

Ah, and don't forget. On Sunday, Sydney celebrates her 9th birthday.

Pretty, amazing huh. She has now officially had more life out of treatment for neuroblastoma than she had in it.

Yet, that took until the age of 9.

I must refocus my purpose.


Anonymous said...

And she is so in the minority in that one as it seems every kid we know is dealing with relapse or stability but not NED

Unknown said...

Thank God for Sydney. May she enjoy good health until the ripe old age of 90.

Anonymous said...

That brought tears to my eyes - happy, happy birthday Sydney. One day you will know how very incredible you are.