Monday, June 21, 2010

It is all about getting ready

Good morning! Yes, we survived another weekend. Although busy as usual, this one was relatively uneventful. We still have not heard any results from Sydney's scans so we simply acted as though no news was good news. I imagine we will find out everything officially at our clinic appointment tomorrow morning.

Friday night and Saturday were chock full of Tae Kwon Do. This was good as these were the last true hard core practices. Everything from this point on will be relatively benign conditioning. At this point, the goal is to protect the team from injuries so there will be no sparring or contact. We will focus on continuing to build upon their core strength, increasing their stamina, and grinding in the fundamentals. In all, there were only about 5 hours of practice for the little ones plus some drills that we are doing at home. All of the practice was good though as it gave Lynley and I a chance to begin preparing for the upcoming trip. We have a mountain to accomplish before we leave on Wednesday morning.

Sunday was more Father Abuse Day than Father's Day. Once again, we found ourselves needing to get things accomplished before we journeyed to the Olympics. This left me shopping with the 3 kiddos. We went to no less than 8 different stores. Now, don't get me wrong. I love spending time with the kiddos. However, visiting that many stores is no one's idea of fun. All in all, the kiddos were pretty well behaved given that level of torture and, while I can't say it was especially fun, we did have a good time together given the circumstances. Better yet, we actually got about 90% of the stuff we needed.

Only 4 more stores to go. Yippee (please note sarcasm)!

Well I had best be off. As you may guess, there is some work to get out the door in the meantime.

It takes quite a bit of work to get ready for all of this purpose.

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