Friday, June 18, 2010

Nothing obvious

Good morning! I did not mean to scare anyone yesterday with my non post. I slept poorly and spent much of the late night hours working. I then went back to sleep and the next thing I knew I had enough time for a shower and time to make breakfast for the kids before we made it out the door to an early MIBG appointment. Sydney's scans seemed to go off without a hitch. Most importantly, to her anyway, was the IV placement which we were all happy to see only took a single poke. There was some digging around for a vein and it was in a pretty sensitive area but Sydney, stoic as ever, calmly made it through.

I have not seen the CT scan or received the results so all I can tell you for sure is that she successfully completed it. The MIBG I can speak to a little more. I did not see any obvious areas of disease. The extremities looked clean. Of course, the chest and abdomen where chock full of MIBG. This can be attributed to brown fat and various organs that soak the substance up naturally. However, seeing the screen at the resolution that I am able to view the results, I really can't rule anything out of the abdomen. While I did not see anything obvious, there is the possibility that a tumor could be sitting in the abdomen that I just couldn't make out. But, if you read my diary you have heard me say it every time. The abdomen always looks to me like she is riddled with disease so I try not to pay attention to it and I just await the official report. In short, the MIBG looked about as good as I could have expected but that is certainly not definitive.

So, when do we get the results? Well, in my mind, the fact that we have not already been called bodes well. Given that, we are not the highest priority patient so I would not expect to hear anything until next Tuesday at our clinic visit. Until then we will calmly wait and pray for good results. In the meantime there is plenty to do.

We are preparing for the Olympics after all.

Hopefully the kiddos purpose will distract me a bit from mine.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it nice to be a non-priority at the hospital? Hoping for clear scans and good news. Sydney is a light of hope for all of us in the NB world.