Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Destapling

Well, even though it is summer today packs a ton of excitement. Today Ainsley has the staples removed from her head. I know, I know. The fun and excitement sure flew by quickly didn't it? She is pretty worried about the whole ordeal. Everyone has tried to reassure her that there would not be pain associated with the removal of her staples but it is about all she can talk about. Thank goodness we will be having it done first thing this morning so that she does not worry about it the remainder of the day. Like I said, it should be quick and harmless. We are hoping to be out of there by about 8:30 AM.

Today also marks the first day of Miss Stephanie, our new nanny. By school year she is a kindergarten teacher so she knows exactly how to care for (and discipline) our kiddos. We met with her last week and the kiddos absolutely fell in love with her. Sydney is extremely excited. I expect to day to go smoothly but I know there will be some bumps in the road. The first few days of any transition are tough and I know it will be that way as they learn her new rules. None the less, I am not expecting this to be too difficult.

Well, I had best be on the go. I have a morning full of Ainsley purpose followed by a meeting in Dallas full of childhood cancer purpose.

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