Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Junior Olympics - Day 1 Arrives

Last night we had about 30 minutes worth of Tae Kwon Do practice at the convention center which was followed by a pizza party at our condo. Today starts the official competition with Graham leading the way. He will be one of the first to spar this morning. I am keeping my expectations low. After all, he will be fighting the best in the country. However, I also know that if we can coax him out of his shell he has a shot at earning a medal. He just needs to come out hot and ready to win. Competition will be fierce and he will have to face a ton of it if he has any hopes of medaling.

For me, it really doesn't matter how he does today. It has always been about the journey. It has been how hard he has practiced and how hard he has tried. Win or lose, this year has been a success for the Grahamster.

Lynley will be covering the event live via her twitter account.

Purpose awaits.

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