Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The world has been rerighted

Good morning! Welcome back Internet. I am ecstatic to report that I have now had Internet service for 16 hours and it still seems to be working. That is a new record. Could this be the end of my woes? I can only hope. After all, it is Charter, the future remains in question.

The good news is that I can now talk to myself once again. You might be surprised but, after writing in my blog almost every weekday since Sydney's diagnosis, it has become part of me. Without it, my sanity is even more in question. Without anything to bounce my ideas and mental musings off on they just rattle around in my head gorging on brain cells. It started out to be how I dealt with our journey through the world of neuroblastoma and now it is so ingrained that it is how I deal with life's littlest ups and downs.

Did I mention that I was a dissatisfied Charter customer?

Any way, in my fit without Internet we actually had some things going on in our lives. In fact, Sydney has missed nearly two whole days of school. You see, Sydney woke up on Monday morning with general malaise and the complaint of a headache. By the time, school came around she was not 100% but was not asking to stay home from school. She was without a temp and without any real symptoms (other than a slight headache) so we ushered her off.

Did I mention that I hate headaches. I had them all of the time when I was a child. It is normal routine stuff. They happen.


Then why is it then that every time Sydney has a headache I am absolutely petrified by fear that it is neuroblastoma swimming around in her brain causing all of the headaches. It is the first thing that comes to my mind. Every time.

I wonder if that fear will ever go away.

It won't but I suppose if I am worried about it happening then it hasn't happened, right? I am prepared to live with that burden as long as it does not come true.

Regardless, by 10:30 AM Sydney had already been in to see the nurse twice. I elected to pick her up and see if we could get her in to see the doctor. After all, maybe Dr. Debbie could find something wrong with her that did not scream neuroblastoma. Honestly, while I wanted Sydney to be out of pain, it was me that needed her to see the doctor more than she did. (I told you. I am mental - too many thoughts swimming around the brain.)

Regardless, when I picked her up a gave her some ibuprofen. Unfortunately, Dr. Debbie's office was full. But, by the time we had arrived home, Lynley and I had already come up with a likely cause. Unbeknownst to me Sydney had spent the entire night completely congested.

This was a congestion headache.

A dose of decongestant and her headache melted away. Then, I was left with a fairly active and happy little 8 year old. So much so, she went to two Tae Kwon Do practices that night.

Yesterday, Sydney woke up fine. However she only spent the first few hours at school because Lynley was taking her to see Dr. Debbie as we were concerned that there may be an ear infection at play as well. It turns out she was relatively clear of an ear infection, however, she had some Impetigo. Debbie put her on a course of antibiotics and kept her from school the rest of the day. You know, us dirty Dungans, she didn't want us further contaminating the whole school with our pour hygiene.

So, the good news is that the headaches were not neuroblastoma and the Impetigo was not little neuroblastoma nodules growing up under the skin. Furthermore, I have my blog back and don't have to let my brain fill up with all of these nonsensical worries.

Better yet, Sydney is 100% and ready to head back to school.

It is a good to be back.

Purpose, full throttle ahead.

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Mary Lynn said...

I went to Coronado High School! We send our girls to private school as well right now. It is hard and we sacrifice other things for their education but in the end it is worth it as we all know. You will think of something! Also my very best friend sends her girls to your kid's same private school. Your kids go to a great school!