Monday, February 1, 2010

Sporadic Internet - Thank you, Charter.

After a lack of posting of Friday, you must have thought that I was carted off by CPS for using my mean Daddy voice as described in last Thursday's post.

Nope, and I did not even have to arrange bail. No, once again, my absence was far less exciting. I did not write in my dairy due to a lack of Internet access. Furthermore, after trying to write a few blog entries on my iPhone last year I have written off that method of delivery as overly annoying.

So, to make a long story short, I am fully dependent upon Charter Communications to provide my Internet services (as agreed) in order to publish my diary. As happened last year, I once again find myself without Internet access - sporadically. I am just hopeful that this year it does not take Charter over 30 days to address the problem. Although... They are making the same mistake that they did last year (and the years before) by assuming the problem is at my house. That will simply lead them to a series of miscommunication and finger pointing between the service technicians and the line technicians which will leave me in the middle - completely internet-less. Of course, neither side will listen to me because it must state in the Charter Customer Service rules and regulations "The customer is always wrong (even if they have clearly demonstrated otherwise.)"

Just in case I am not making myself completely clear, Charter Communications provides the worst customer service of any company still in business. For those of you that work in Charter's customer service division I mean no disrespect. You are doing your job as you are instructed. You are not the problem. The problem is complete mismanagement of the entire process from the top down.

Bottom-line, if you want high speed Internet access and you have absolutely no other option then Charter is a reasonable choice, as long as you can accept sporadic service that takes an inordinate amount of time to get fixed because of incredibly poor management.

Oh, and the kid's are doing great. I would love to tell you about them but I am not sure how long I will have Internet access this time and I must get to work while I have the opportunity.

I wish Charter understood purpose.

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Unknown said...

Good luck getting your internet fixed. I actually lost my cool tonight when mine went down again for the umpteenth time. Off for 5 minutes than back on. If you get it fixed I'd love to know what it was, they keep telling me it's my router and this or that. I think maybe the switch outside might be fried. Tech coming in the morning so here we go again....