Tuesday, February 9, 2010

NANT Online Seminar February 16, 2010

I wanted to let everyone know that on next Tuesday, February 16, 2010 the Neuroblastoma Foundation (http://www.neuroblastomafoundation.org) will be hosting an online seminar on the NANT Clinical Trials. This first seminar in the series, Overview of NANT Clinical Trials - Part 1, will be covering the NANT's non-MIBG clinical trials. This presentation is for parents and caregivers of children with neuroblastoma. You can sign up here:

The purpose behind these seminars is to get the facts out to parents of children with neuroblastoma. While the presentation will cover the preclinical research supporting the trials, eligibility criteria, protocol information, etc.; the ultimate purpose behind these online seminars is to help parents and medical professionals understand the information necessary to decide whether one of these studies is appropriate for a child. We will provide you with the facts to be able to make this important and informed decision.

If we have seen it once we have seen it hundreds of times, parents and physicians get all wrapped up in the eligibility criteria and the hope of a particular trial without truly understanding the drugs. the purpose behind a particular trial, or the implications of its current dosing levels. Our goal is to delve into the important aspects of each of these trials to tease out the key points that everyone needs to know and consider before putting a child on trial. Many of these trials include drugs which have been on trial before, either in single agents or differing formulations. What can we learn from those studies that can inform our decisions? What kind of disease (bone marrow, bony, or soft tissue) can we expect the treatment to target? What will maximize our opportunity for success? Expect to find answers to questions like these and more.

I will be there. I hope to hear you too.

Information is power -- and purpose.

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