Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Online Neuroblastoma Seminar Today

I just want to give everyone a reminder that we will be hosting a free online seminar today (Tuesday, February 16th, 2010) from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM PST. This first seminar in the series will cover NANT's non-MIBG clinical trials. Dr. Judith Villablanca will be covering the preclinical research, eligibility criteria, trial overview and various aspects regarding the NANT clinical trials. The presentation will be online but you can also participate via conference call. The presentation will be followed by a 20 minute question and answer period in which you can ask questions directly of Dr. Villablanca.

Don't forget a sponsor of the event has donated an Apple iPod nano to be given to one lucky participant of the seminar. A drawing will be held during the presentation. You must be present to win.

You can register for the seminar here:

You can read more about the seminar at The Neuroblastoma Foundation's website here:

Yesterday I had the opportunity to review the materials for this particular seminar and I am somewhat embarrased to say that there were even a few surprises for me. This may not come as a shock to you but it certainly took me back. I pride myself in staying on top of information and, even though I am plugged in to the NANT as fully as anyone can be, I came out of the review with a few surprises.

Like for one, did you know that the NANT has opened one of their protocols to kids in second remission? I did not know that. I should have. But, I didn't. I knew that it was reopened and expanded to look at pharmacokinetics but I did not know it was open to kiddos in second remission. On top of that great little surprise I know of a few other results oriented surprises that will shock a few. Did you know that Fenretinide had 4 complete responses in it's latest phase 1 trial? That is more than many things I can think of. Did you know the response rate of Irinotecan and Temodar? Do you know what the next trial to open in the NANT is? Did you know what the COG is randomizing in the next trial? Do you know what phase 1 trials you should consider in what order?

All of these topics are part of this presentation.

If you get a chance, this one is worth your time.

This one is chock full of purpose.

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