Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Little Miss Double Entendre

Late yesterday morning I received a call from the school nurse. This call started out much like the others - "Guess which one I have in here today?" I quick replay of the mornings activities and there was no doubt in my mind - Ainsley.

You see, before school Ainsley was completely full of snot (medical term - different than her normal state of being). Being the doting dad, I gave her a syringe full of some desnotinator (decongestant for you medicos). In my mind, this would have two great effects. First, this would help with the congestion. Second, this would provide her with the necessary buzz with a big old hazy smile to start her day. The good news was that she was not showing any other symptoms. No aches, no pains, and no fever. Regardless, for good measure, I also gave her a dose of Tylenol. I contemplated that this would help soothe any congestion headaches that may be on the horizon and might also provide the extra grease she needed to get her wheels rolling smoothly.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. I know. Dr. Debbie would certainly be giving me that condemning look. But, hey, think of this as preventative maintenance. After all, I have a child with neuroblastoma and I learned to become quite liberal with things like this. Take Vistaril for example. When Sydney was not sleeping particularly well or seemed out of sorts we applied liberally, even though she was showing no sign of allergic reaction. (Keep in mind, Vistaril does have indications for treating tension, anxiety, and inducing sedation. I just don't necessarily know that we had a definitive medical reason for doing so.) None the less, we did it and I think we were all better off for it. This is no different - just a little preventative maintenance.

As you can tell, this was pretty much all for not.

Nurse Moore let me know that Ainsley was in her office complaining that her belly hurt. The good news was that the snot was draining. The bad news was that instead of draining into a tissue is was draining right into her belly. My best guess had that as the source of the stomach upset. The solution, give her a cracker and a few moments of rest and see if we could settle her stomach. Let me know if it did not improve.

About 2 hours later I received a call from one of her teachers. All Ainsley wanted to do was rest and cuddle up in the teachers arms. I had better come pick her up.

I arrived at the school about 30 minutes later to find Ainsley cuddled up with a comforter and pillow. She was just hanging out in a quite corner of the room while the rest of the class worked away. The moment a walked in she hopped right up and made a beeline towards me.

"How are you Ainsley?"

"Super Daddy, I love you."

She jabbered all the way to the car. When we got home a made her hang out on the couch but little miss busy body couldn't stay still for a moment, running out to the playroom to get more toys. All in all, she had a great afternoon. It could not have been better for her.


I can see that I am already going to have to keep my eye on Ainsley. While there is no doubt that she did not feel 100%, I am a little surprised that they would not keep her there at 99.9%. She apparently snowed them over pretty well or she made a miraculous recovery. Who could blame her? Act a little lethargic and you get a pillow, a comforter, first class service, and some time to spend with Daddy. There is no doubt in my mind that Ainsley sees how these pieces fit together and I would not put it past her to try it again just as soon as she can - possibly as ealry as today.

Clearly she has two cases of snot. One that keeps her nose stuffy and another that helps her slip through the cracks of school attendance.

God love the little snot.

Purpose give me the strength to deal with her in her teens.

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