Friday, February 26, 2010

I wish tomorrow was my 6th birthday.

So often in life we big "smart" adults get wrapped up in all of this work stuff. Day to day we do all of this very important stuff. This "stuff" is critical. The "stuff" that I do is often so important that I often work through lunch. In fact, everyday I get up at 3 or 4 in the morning so that I can get more "stuff" done.

It is not just me. Lynley has important "stuff" too. She gets up just as early as I do. She is in important meetings everyday and, like every one else, seems to always be working to get all of this stuff done.

We sacrifice a lot of our lives for "stuff." We stay up late, get up early, work through lunch and even through the weekends. We have all of this important stuff to do and we sacrifice our lives a piece of ourselves for it.


You know, I have worked straight through most of my birthdays. They have always been busy days but probably no busier than any normal day. Yet, about the only time that I allow myself to veer away from the tasks of the important stuff at hand is to sit down with the family to open presents and eat cake. My birthday isn't special. It is all for them. After all, I am an adult. I have important stuff to do. I mean, come on, it was only a birthday. I am too important and grown up for birthdays.

But, should I be?

Graham on the other hand, took his birthday and used it as a celebration of life. He prioritized his time and his life to be all about his birthday. Did you know that we sang Happy birthday to him all the way to school ( a 30 minute drive ) and when he got tired of that we decided to sing him "You lost that loving feeling." He even got to wear a big birthday crown at school. They announced his name on the announcements. He had cookie cake. He was the center of attention. The entire day was about him. He bathed in the glory and enjoyed soaking up every minute of it. For one day he truly got to enjoy being who he was and celebrate that. It was happy and joyous. It is a day he will remember all year long. His birthday was a blast.

Which one of us is right about birthdays?

Isn't a birthday something we all deserve? Don't we all deserve one day to celebrate who we are -- one joyous day to hug our kids, kiss our spouses, and bask in the glory and joy of who we are and what we have accomplished?

I know I don't let myself. After all, I am too busy prioritizing and doing all of that important "stuff" I do. Ironically, I can't even remember half of the important stuff I had to do last week and I would have no clue of what life and death things I did last month without reviewing my trusty calendar.

If you ask me, this is one of those things that us adults get all wrong. Do you remember when your birthday was one of the best days of the year? Do you remember when you used to look forward to it for weeks? It was a great feeling, wasn't it?

Now, can you remember the last time you felt that way? When was the last time you had a memorable birthday that you genuinely enjoyed and did not prioritize away.

Birthdays are one thing that us adults get wrong. Perhaps, we should learn a little from our kiddos. A little giddiness would probably go a long way.

Once again, we can't see the forest for all of the trees.

Sometimes we need to be our own purpose.

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