Monday, February 15, 2010

The stuff teenage boys dreams are made of

President's Day! Yep, the twerplets are out of school and home with Dad today. This is a school holiday so you may be wondering if they had a half day of school on Friday to prepare for this holiday so that we would not bruise their fragile psychies. Well, for better or worse, Friday was cancelled due to a snow day. So, with all of this time off, you must be wondering how they will cope with going back to school without a half day to get use to going back to school again (sarcasm). Believe it or not, they half another half day of school off this Friday. Not to worry, their fragile little minds will not be harmed by the treacherousness of 4 whole days back to school in a row.

Do I sound bitter?

Don't get me wrong, I love spending time with my kiddos. I have just had it with the half days off of school. Either have school or don't have school. This constant half day business is ridiculous and it leaves parents scrambling to care for their kiddos.

Enough said!

Well, I can't come off of this long snow break without some good stories and I must admit that we had some doosies over the last 3 or 4 days. One of the most memorable was at team sparring practice on Saturday. You see, about once a week we have a sparring practice in which several Tae Kwon Do teams from around the area come to spar. This gives everyone some new faces to spar against and helps the kiddos learn to read new opponents. Regardless, this Saturday's practice was a little out of the ordinary because there power was still out at GSX due to the snow storm. It made it for a very cold practice. Actually, the practice was fine for the kiddos that were busy sweating it out. The problem was for the parents and spectators who sat and shivered.

The practice was also a little strange in that of the teenage girls from one of the other teams brought some of her friends with her to the practice. Apparently, they had spent the night and decided to tag along to see what all of the excitement was about. It was not long before they were suited up and coerced to practice alongside everyone else. Yes, I know, not very competitive but this is one of the things that I love about Tae Kwon Do (especially where we do.) It is about fun for every skill level. While practices can be gruelling, the instructors always make it fun for everyone.

Regardless, due to the power outage the class was somewhat small. There were only about 15 sparrers there due to the weather. This meant that there would be a lot of sparring at different skill levels and sizes. It was not long before little Graham was paired up against one of these teenage girls. The first comment from the girl was "Oh, he is soooo cute. I can't fight him." The first sound out of Graham was a roaring yell which echoed throughout the gym. Cute or not, Graham was ready to compete. Apparently this sent a shock to the girl who all of a sudden realized this 5 year old little boy was serious. Graham went after the 16 year old girl with the fierceness of an attacking lion. She didn't not know whether to laugh or run for her life.

Graham was ruthless.

The poor girl could not bring herself to kick Graham and, in all due honesty, was probably a little bit afraid of what he would do to her. None the less, Graham viciously chased her around the ring. She shrieked and screamed as she did everything she could to try and dodge the barrage of fists and feet flying her way. The peanut gallery erupted with laughter as Graham chased this poor girl around the ring brutally sparring his way to glory. At one point her friend jumped in to try and defend her but Graham faced her with a wall of kicks as well. It was not long before she was running out of the ring as well.

Cute little Graham pummeled girls twice his size. Thankfully they dodged many of his blows by running and jumping for their lives. However, many of his kicks did land. The good news is that, Graham did well landing all of his kicks on their chest gear. Note that there is something to be said for that as they were twice his size and their chest pads were much higher than kids his size. In the end, the fight could not continue. Everyone had erupted in laughter, even the teenage girls who were still reeling from their surprise at Graham's tremendous ferocity. When the whistle blew, Graham immediately reverted to his sweet and shy little self. There he was, just as cute as could be, politely bowing to a girl twice his size. The change in his demeanor was night and day. This was met with another roar of laughter.

After practice though the girls gave it back to Graham. He was pummelled by teenage girl hugs and cheek kisses.

Graham had no idea how lucky he was.

I can guarantee you that it was the stuff of the dreams of every teenage boy.

I will save this little memory for you Dudely.

In about five years you will think this is your purpose.

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Anonymous said...

As a former private school parent I often marveled at the inverse relationship - the more money you pay - the fewer days the kids are actually in school.