Friday, February 19, 2010

Charter sucks but my kids are great.

Good morning! I apologize for my departure yesterday morning. I guess it would come as no surprise that I had no Internet once again. Yes, that is 4 different times this month. Thank you Charter cable. Another fine tribute to their inability to provide service. Of course, today they are sending someone out to my house to address the problem. The great irony in all of this the problem was in fact a routing problem on their servers - which I explained to them. Unfortunately, after talking to two techs and a supervisor that clearly did not understand the basics of IP addressing they decided to send a technician out to my house to check my wiring. Thankfully at some point yesterday afternoon one of their network engineers identified the issue and addressed it. The tech is still coming out to my house - too funny.

Too bad. Had they listened in the first place I could have saved them 8 hours of outages and a trip to my house.

Yes, I am still bitter.

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Well they haven't seen what no Internet does to this daddy.

I guess after yesterday's horrible tragedy in Austin I have to be careful about my rants. I don't want them to be taken out of context. I don't have a plane and I have no plans to fly it into the Charter building. I just think everyone should be aware of their horrible service and incompetence.

So, enough about horrible Charter communications. (get AT&T Uverse or Verizon FIOS)

This week has absolutely flown by. It did so without me mentioning very much about my beloved kiddos - all of which are doing superbly. In fact, first thing tomorrow morning we will be heading to another Tae Kwon Do tournament. This is a smaller tournament but one that should help get us ready for the upcoming state tournament which is just about a month away. It will be a great opportunity to see where we are and what we need to work on to prepare for state. The kiddos both had private lessons this week in preparation for this tournament.

For Sydney, it is all about increasing speed and impact. She is undersized and probably always will be. For her to compete, she needs to move faster and hit harder than her competition. We already have one great example of this technique on the team in Elias. He is a 13 year old black belt. His most common attack is a blur - you don't see him coming or going. He will be a great role model for Sydney. He is at the bottom of his age group and extremely undersized, yet, he already made it to the US Open quarter finals this year. Sydney is delighted to hear that she is being trained to fight like Elias. She has even started working on her own strength training at home on her own volition.

Graham is not quite at the mental game level as Sydney so his practices are focused more on defensive combinations. He is perfecting a defensive back kick which should give him a solid edge over the competition in his age group. At this age it is kind of like going to a BB gun fight with a shotgun. This is likely the first time he will begin to throw this kick in competition and will hopefully set the stage so that he has adequate level of mastery by state.

And Ainsley. Well, there are two great things about Ainsley. She has mastered a cartwheel and a forward flip at the age of 4. I really don't know if that is any good. All I know for sure is that I am 38 years old and I can't do either. The other great thing about Ainsley is that she did not create any major explosions this week. No fires and no floods.

If you ask me that is another amazing accomplishment.

Well I had best be off. Wish the kiddos luck and follow us on twitter if you want to receive the updates. Lynley will be providing minute to minute Tae Kwon Do coverage on her twitter account (@ldungan).

Purpose awaits.

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Umatter2Charter said...

Hello Mark,

We are SO sorry to hear you were having internet issues. I certainly can relate to the furry comment in regards to Internet outages. If you ever need assistance, please feel free to reach out to my team at We would be happy to help you out, and we respond to FizzBin :-).

Glad the services are back up!

Eric Ketzer
Social Media Communications Manager
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