Monday, December 14, 2009

Still carrying equal weight

Today's post will be short. You may remember on Friday that I stated that I had a huge deadline on Tuesday. Well, it is still looming over my head and I am fighting for every minute to complete it. Now, since, I took Friday off to spend with Ainsley at the tree farm I simply don't have another minute to spare. If you feel cheated (and I don't blame you) there is only one person to blame.


It is entirely her fault. If she wasn't so cute and adorable and wonderful, well, I would never have jeopardized this deadline to spend some time with her. None the less, she is and I did. Totally her fault.

The good news is that she and daddy had a wonderful time. However, it should come as no surprise that it wasn't just with Daddy. No, I was not the only guy her life. She spent equal time flirting with both "Zachawy Wogers" and Nash as well. In fact, I can't remember a moment that she was not clung to one of us. Sure, I could come up with all kinds of disturbing things to say about this scenario but I must admit that I was kind of pleased to still be in the mix. I carried equal weight with the other men in her life. I don't know how long that will last so I guess I am just appreciative of the time I still have.

Oh, and chalk one up for me. This is the first field trip I have driven to in a year in which I did not receive a speeding ticket. Kudos to me.

(Oooh, all of you from SCS who read my diary and who also have children in the kiddos class, don't be alarmed. This is technically also only the second time I have driven on a field trip this year. Oh, and, the dent on my right front fender was from a totally unrelated incident. That happened while taking the kiddos to school. Oops, probably shouldn't have mentioned that either.)

Regardless, now that I probably won't be allowed to drive on school trips any more I might have the time to finish this project.

Back to work.

Still, purpose hookie is fun.

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