Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sometimes it has to be tough to be married to me.

Good morning! Vacation churns on. Unfortunately, for me, I am back at work - still trying to catch up on a schedule that is overflowing. Lynley is still off, the kids are still home, and Mama Marge and the Kipster are still in tow. It is rather unfortunate for me but, I must be honest, I don't so much mind not being dragged ( I mean invited) to all of the post Christmas sales. I reserve that punishment (I mean fun) for the kiddos. It works out well. I get some important work done. Kip gets some important ESPN and ESPN2 watching done. The girls, well, I don't know what they technically get done. All I really know for sure is that for a few short hours I don't get told what to do. In that sense, it really is still like a vacation.

Don't tell Lynley I said that. I am quite sure that statement would relegate me to another chore - probably under the house. It does seem like she told me to run another cable line to the TV out in the playroom. Too bad, I wish I wasn't so darn busy.

Yes, work leaves me relegated to my spot in the den. My spot is technically the red chaise lounge in the living room. It is complete with a snuggy and my new lap computer table that my adorable blushing bride got me for Christmas. It is important to note that I also have a special pillow that goes under my knees. This office system even comes complete with a cup holder. Now, I really have no reason to get up.

From this key position I can control the world. There is no medical research library out of my grasp. The only problem seems to be the refill process on my coffee cup. It still requires a trip to the kitchen. Given my new comfy office situation I am not yet at liberty to ask Lynley for a refill without some significant repercussions. She thinks my new "office" is a bit too comfortable and that I can get off my $*&%# and get my own &#%*^@ coffee. She also thinks it is a little too convenient for me to be so busy on her ^&#*@#$ Christmas break. Furthermore, letting the kiddos play Nintendo Wii next to me while I type on my &^#%$ computer does not constitute watching the kiddos.

See, this is why I know better than to ask for a refill on my coffee.

Plus, I have discovered that if I coordinate it just right and I get a large enough coffee cup I can swing by the kitchen on my bathroom break and still not break rhythm.

You know, of course, that I am going to get in big trouble for writing this. This is going to cost me a few hours of dirty scowls. She might even move the remote to the other side of the sectional or, worse yet, hide it.

But, she would be missing the point. I love my new spot. She created it for me. The chaise was her choice. My new pillow is the very one she purchased. As I already mentioned, my new lap computer table (complete with cup holder) was even her gift to me. Heck even my snuggy that keeps me warm has her idea.

She created this monster.

I am just a consequence of her purpose.

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