Friday, December 4, 2009

A day of successes

Good morning! Wow, I have been inundated with email. Bear with me, I am working through it as fast as I can. I have all kinds of news to share but not the time or space to do it this morning. First, thank you for your support of Lunch for a Cure. I received news late last night of another $10,000 check on its way. I am absolutely blown away by the support we are receiving. Thank you so much. We will be funding some great research and I hope to have time to line everything out next week. Finally, some have had questions and I want to reiterate
100% of the dollars we receive will go to fund neuroblastoma research!
NO administrative costs, NO marketing costs, and NO foundation salaries - just research.
On another note, the scientific presentation went very well yesterday. It was exactly what a suspected. It was complicated and my brain is still digesting all of the metabolic pathways discussed. However, the news was very good. This research will impact neuroblastoma. Once I get a chance, I have fully digested all I learned and am capable of sharing it with others I will write about. At the moment, I barely understand it - much less passing on the knowledge to someone else.

I am still amazed that this whole project started because of a lunch between my wife, Dr. Awasthi and I and the idea to apply his research towards neuroblastoma. That lunch, somehow, turned into published research - incredibly. My wife and I are incredibly thankful for Dr. Awasthi's interest and passion. It is heart felt.

Well I had best be going. As I mentioned, there is a very large pile of email and the rugrats are beginning to stir. All is well in the Dungan clan.

Purpose pulses here.

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