Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ammo for my purpose gun

Thank you for all of your email. Yes, even from one who wrote:
"Oh my! If this is the response to a call from a girl I can't wait to ride along on the journey to sleepover planning, texting and *gasp* calls from boys! (at least we know where the drama comes from in the Dungan children's genes)"
As if we (Graham and I) don't already receive enough abuse from the gaggle of feminine supremacists who already dominate our fragile Dungan man world.

For the record, at this point I am relatively unworried about the advances of boys into Sydney's world. She is her mother's daughter after all. If I am being honest, given their history, one honestly has to worry a bit for the boys. Plus, even if that theory fails, I have a single shot rifle and I am a pretty good aim.

On the other hand, Ainsley is her mother's daughter as well. However, for her I must admit I do see fear on the horizon. Not from one boy though. With her habit of multiple boyfriends it seems my rifle may not be enough. For her, I fear I will need something fully automatic. I will also need multiple locks on all of our windows and doors. It probably would not be a bad idea to get her a permanent female chaperone either.

Finally, Lynley and I met over lunch and have come up with the following plan. Sydney can talk on the phone for up to 30 minutes per night. Homework and chores must be completed beforehand. No calls during dinner and friends are not allowed to call after 8:00 PM.

It is actually pretty exciting as we now have a punishment tool as well. The threat of taking minutes away from her calling time is as effective as anything we have used thus far. Boy was she nice to be around yesterday afternoon.

We will see how long it lasts.

For not though, I have more ammo in my purpose gun.

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