Thursday, December 10, 2009

Just a little holiday activity

Good morning! Gee, I am so sorry for not writing in my diary yesterday morning. I am absolutely and utterly swamped. Work has me cramming for deadlines and with Lunch for a Cure in full swing there is a ton to do. Add on top of that a couple of new neuroblastoma diagnosises and a couple of parents working through relapse options and I am barely making it through my email, much less getting everything done that needs it.

On top of all of this, I still owe everyone an article on how the research funds from Lunch for a Cure will be distributed this spring, a review of the RALBP neuroblastoma research I witnessed last week, articles announcing that all of the 2009 ASCO neuroblastoma presentation videos are available for your perusal, another interesting new trial is out in the UK, what all the Accutane hubbub is all about, an announcement about several new live webinars on transplant and relapse therapies have been scheduled, and another nice emotional beg for some more research funding for Lunch for a Cure.

As if that all was not enough, my beautiful blushing bride decided that the already joyful hustling and bustling holiday season was not busy enough (it seems I just heard her complaining about that recently) and she has decided it would be a good time to reorganize and redecorate the house. Yes, that means that me, slave and boy toy du jour, must be up to all of the furniture moving tasks.

I love you dear.

All of this, and I am supposed to be enjoying the holiday season - damn it (foul language for dramatic effect)!

Ho, Ho, Ho - damn it (dramatic effect, again)!

The great news is that while we are horribly busy we seem to be having a pretty good time. The kiddos are nothing short of spectacular. They still haven't figured out that Santa could be watching them through the window at any giving moment, but their antics are still worth some pretty good laughs. Sydney's still a snot, Ainsley's still a twerp, and, well, Graham is still emotionally abused but very loved. I could not ask for more.

I'll take it.

Just bear with me. No more.

The purpose is burning inside.

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