Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Giving Trees Alive and Well!

In yesterday's post I neglected to reiterate a very important point and was peppered with emails from around the world.
Yes, the Lunch for a Cure Giving Trees are alive and well.
In fact, the great news is that they are easier than ever. There are no longer any Giving Tree codes to confuse everyone. Simply donate in a child's name and your donation will be registered on that child's Giving Tree. For each $5 dollars donated an ornament will appear on that child's tree. Once the tree has been filled up, a gift will be sent to the child. Or, in the case of a giving tree of child who has lost his or her battle with neuroblastoma, a gift will be sent to another child fighting neuroblastoma in that child's memory. Either way, your donation will certainly put a smile on the face of a child who surely needs it.

The Giving Trees for all of the kids can be found here. And, most importantly to Sydney, her Giving Tree can be found here.

And, yes, she loves to see it fill up with ornaments.

So, in short, I am sorry I forgot to mention this ever important little fact in yesterdays post. Please, consider making a donation and putting an ornament on Sydney's tree. You can donate here:

Don't forget, 100% of your donation will go to fund neuroblastoma research. There are no administrative costs, no salaries, and no marketing costs. As it should be, all of your hard earned donated lunches will be used to do what we need them to do - help find a cure for neuroblastoma.

Please help!

This is purpose.


Susan said...

Mark - I have a question about the monthly deductions continuing from the old site. I can't find your email address - could you email me?


Susan Gentry

Unknown said...

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