Friday, December 11, 2009

One on One Freebie

On the heels of my dissertation on busyness - well - I am playing hooky today. Yes, your heard me. I am heading back out to the Mainstay Christmas Tree Farm with Ainsley's class for a field trip.


You see, don't tell anyone, but family is the most important priority in my life. Secretly, it is Lynley's as well. But, it is times like this that, for the moment, I have to forget about the fact that I have a huge deadline on Tuesday or that I am way behind on just about everything else. I get to go have fun with Ainsley and spend some time making some memories. It is about the most important thing that I can do.

Don't tell my boss. He is a jerk with no tolerance for family fun. For him, it is all about the bottom-line. If he finds out, I will probably be out of a job.

Nobody ever said that being self employed wasn't without politics or bad bosses.

Regardless, I am really, really looking forward to some quality one on one time with Ainsley. While our family is always together spending time with one another the one thing that we fail at miserably is spending one on one time with each other. It is always the entire gaggle of us. We go to the grocery store together. We go to Tae Kwon Do together. We eat dinner together. We do it all together. It is very rare that we get to do these "one-on-one" things and I absolutely love them.

As a parental unit this is one of the things that I get wrong. I know it would be great for their tender little psyches. It would also be great for us to see and appreciate their individuality - something we only get to see on special occasions. It is just difficult. How do you factor that in with 3 kids? On the surface, it seems easy enough. If Lynley and I spend one hour with each kiddo, each week that is only 6 hours. But, where do you fit that in with everything else? With laundry? With cleaning? With homework? With grocery shopping? With everything else?

I obviously don't have the answers since I have failed at this portion of my life so completely. I only wish I could figure a way to fit it end. Furthermore, I think I need to.

Well, I had best be off.

Today I get a purpose freebie.

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