Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Purpose in Pictures

In yesterday's rush to remember the "purpose" of Christmas I forgot to share some pretty important pictures. Now beware, this is a spoiler alert. For those of you hoping to see pictures of the Dungan five in your Christmas stocking, on our annual calendar, in a picture book or on a coffee mug you may not want to look any further. Santa Claus may be thinking about crafting a gift for you with one of these very pictures. For those of you with no desire to have anything permanent with our goofy little faces on it (I don't blame you) read on. You can see what a great time we had at the Mainstay Christmas Tree Farm.

Helping Daddy cut down this years Christmas tree. Yep, not so much. They were having fun though.

A Twerp maze - now this is entertainment.

The rope walk - just another indication of how unbalanced we are.

Just another ordinary average Twerplet picture.

Awesome purpose twerps, aren't they?

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