Thursday, September 17, 2009

Surviving my diary entry

Good morning! So, judging by the email, I know some of you thought I may not survive yesterday's entry once my blushing bride laid her eyes up on it. However, you should also know that she chose to marry me of her own free will. Yes, I know many assume that I must have drugged her for the proposal and the year of our engagement but we did eventually get married and we have been so - nearly forever. Therfore, I submit to you that she has had sufficient opportunity to wisen up and realize the mistakes of her ways but has instead decided to stay married to me. Once you grasp that simple little fact it really should come as no surprise to you or her that I would write something like that in my diary. Plus, I am still a hot blooded husband and find my wife perfectly hot. Really, what else could be expected of me? She has been trained (some say brainwashed) but even she really expects no less of me.

Hence, the raised eyebrow being such an issue.

Now, onto new news. Today is a special day. This morning Lynley and I will be meeting with Graham's teacher to discuss the latest events. This meeting was our idea and we are hoping to get some insight into Graham's behavior. Graham must have known this was coming because he was trying to soften up the conversation with a blue sticker yesterday - a mark of excellent nice-atude. A green sticker is a sign of a well-behaved kiddo but a blue is a sign that he went above and beyond the ordinary. Honestly, it is a sticker which, before these incidents, was defined by Graham. This is all so confusing. I am hopeful we will learn something or see something which explains what is going on.

There you have it - two purpii and I am , once again, perfectly unscathed.

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