Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hooting with the owls

Good morning! Well, last night I was at the Texas Rangers double header and did not get home until roughly midnight. So, this morning, I am a bit tired and my clever meter does not seem to be registering. I suppose that is the price you pay for being out with the boys until late hours instead of at home with the family.

Last night was also Grammie's birthday dinner. We all had a great time at Macaroni Grill. This has been one of my favorite places because the kiddos seem to absolutely love it. I have learned over the years that, when it comes to dining out, the happier they are, the happier we are. Add on the fact that they all like the kid's macaroni and cheese and you have a true winner. With the twerplets, there is rarely a single place or meal that meets all of their needs. This however, fit the bill. My only complaint was that the portion sizes have appeared to shrink over the last 6 months or so. Oddly enough, the prices had not. Regardless, it was still a successful outing and Grammie seemed to have a wonderful time. By 7:30 they were all heading home and I was off to see the Rangers.

Well I had best be off. We have two canine guests staying with us and the kiddos are already up and playing with them. There is some corralling that is needed if we have any hope of getting to school on time this morning.

I am off to chase purpii.

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