Friday, September 25, 2009

Green Stripedom

Well, after a long day of bailing Ainsley out of the big house, we finally got back to ordinary Dungan twerpdom. Last night Sydney and Graham had their third belt test and they are now official green stripes. Here is a great shot of them with their instructors Masters Paul and Adrian after their belt tests.

This particular belt test was pretty interesting as it featured only colored belts so we had the opportunity to see many of the higher belts test. With each level, testing gets more complicated and encompassing. This time Sydney and Graham both had to perform their forms, 3 defenses, and several combination kicks. They also had to spar and break a piece of wood with a kick.

Tae Kwon Do Forms are performances of a sequence of typical techniques, either with or without the use of a weapon. This sequence is sometimes called “imaginary fighting” as it involves pre-determined and choreographed routines, sequences and patterns which resemble real combat, but are artistically non-combative or cooperative. These Tae Kwon Do Forms are performed as a way of practicing basic and advanced techniques in the martial art as well as in open competitions. With each belt level the forms become more complex and utilize more advanced moves. To give you an idea, the particular form they just completed included the memorization and performance of a pattern of roughly 30 to 40 different choreographed moves.

The sparring was also interesting as we had the opportunity to watch many of the higher degree belts as well. It was impressive to see them spar without holding back. I was amazed at how hard they hit. We spend so much time practicing with control and it is really enlightening to see it at full force contact. Graham and Sydney were not as impressed as I was but, then again, I am only a mere mortal. What do I know? I still maintain that this group of kiddos, especially the kiddos on the team, are extremely impressive. It is no wonder that they do so well nationally.

Well I had best be off. All of the kiddos are home from school today and I am in charge. I am thinking we will have a big breakfast and maybe a trip to the zoo. I am looking forward to a great day with the kiddos.

It will be purposeful.

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