Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh no I didn't!

You know, as a father, I rank myself up there pretty high. Oh sure, I know, you must be thinking that I am rather full of myself. Well, I don't mean it that way. I mean, I do think I am a good dad but it is not because of my swelled head. My perspective is this: Daddydom and Husbandom are the two things that are most important in my life. So, if they are going to rank up there that high they have to be my main focus. And if they are that important, they must be the things that I work on the most. It is just the way things are. I am a good dad because I try really hard. I really do. I focus. I am there. I am engaged. I am a part of my family's lives.

Furthermore, I have had a pretty good track record. Three kiddos so far and I haven't misplaced one of them.

Well, until last night that is.

You see, yesterday afternoon was hustle and bustle. Graham had a late doctor's appointment with Dr. Debbie (No flu or strep, BTW) Lynley took him to the doctor while I picked up the girls from school. Then it was the usual race. Get homework done. Get everyone juiced and snacked and into their uniforms. This was a Tae Kwon Do night after all. The point is that there was plenty going on.

On the way to Tae Kwon Do, Lynley called to tell me that Graham tested negative for flu and strep but that he had another fever and they needed to make a run to the pharmacy. For some reason my phone was ringing off the hook. There were 2 more calls before I got there. None the less, we arrived at GSX and I got everyone situated.

Tae Kwon Do was awesome. They began teaching Sydney her new form and before anybody knew it she had completely memorized the entire new routine. This was no minor feat. This usually takes a week or two to get the moves memorized much less perform them well. Regardless, Sydney had it nailed - and I mean nailed. Everyone was blown away by the speed at which she picked it up. There were high fives and accolades all around. No one could believe she learned it so quickly. Amazing. By the time class was over Sydney was ecstatic. Heck, we were all pumped. We could not wait to get home to show mommy and Graham what we had just learned. As we walked out the door there were more high fives and slaps on the back.

Boy, were we cool. It was fun.

We hopped into the car and sped ourselves home. There was more to keep us busy on the way home. Not only were we talking about how excited we were at her accomplishment but there was also a significant car wreck that we witnessed on the way home that garnered some of our attention. It was not long however before we were back to congratulations.

Wow. What a day! What an accomplishment!

Deep relaxing breath...

Hold on.

"Daddy, where is Ainsley?"

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Zeynep Erden Bayazit said...

I knew it was coming, but I still kept my hope, as a rule! Then, I smiled. Though I hope you made it up to Ainsley!!!