Friday, September 4, 2009

Pediatric Blood and Cancer pretty please

How come every article I want to read is in Pediatric Blood and Cancer and that is the one medical journal that my medical library does not carry? It drives me crazy and I simply can't stand it anymore. Every single time I see an abstract and think "Wow, this is interesting, I want to read more." or "Wow, this is interesting, I bet Joe Bob would love to read this." or "Gee, this is the exact issue that Billy Sue is having, I bet her parents would love to read this." it turns out to be in the journal Pediatric Blood and Cancer. Oh sure, I can beg my wife to call in 10 favors and get a hold of it for me but it just doesn't seem right. Furthermore at $29.95 an article I can't afford too many on my own much less to send to somebody else. FRUSTRATING!

So here I sit.


Yes, I could be smart. But no, I am stupid because I can't get to the holy grail of neuroblastoma medical articles.

(Hmm. Maybe this will motivate my wife to talk to the head librarian and talk them into a subscription to benefit all of the medical students that are studying pediatrics and to help Dr. Bowman who no doubtedly needs access to this journal.)

I am quite sure lives are at stake.

I know my sanity is.

I have no ammo for my purpose gun.

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Team Russi said...

Should we start an email campaign on behalf of the journal? If so, let me know where to send the note. Good luck!