Friday, July 3, 2009

I dub thee offspring

Good morning! Well, here we are, heading into a holiday weekend. Once again, Lynley has usurped this holiday for her own benefit. Yes, she is claiming this as her own birthday. Why she would want to do this when it makes her a year older 2 days earlier is beyond me. However, I also know better than to argue with my blushing bride's logic, so I will let this one slip by. Therefore, tomorrow we will be celebrating Independence Day in concert with Lynley's XXth birthday.

Last night was a fairly late one for the kiddos. Unkie Jay had a 3 hour layover at DFW airport so we ran over there to take him out to dinner. The rugrats were incredibly happy to see him. Unfortunately, we did not get home until about 10:00PM so, even though we will let them sleep in, I am guessing that Claudia may have her hands full today.

This, unfortunately, would not be much different than she has experienced much of the week. My kiddos behavior has been out of control. I don't know whether it is the summer heat, the fact that there have spent 3 weeks together, or what the issue is but, my kids have gone from good to bad in a very short period of time. Lately I have written off Ainsley's behavior as being age related. (I guess I should have said hoped.) I still do not know that it is not the case, but it certainly has not improved. Worse yet, during this same period, both Graham and Sydney's behavior has begun to take a slide.

The are spoiled brats with bad attitudes.

There I said it and I said it about my own offspring. In fact, during this time of reconditioning, I think that is a good name for them. Right now the aren't cute enough to be twerps. Until I see a vast improvement in their behaviour they will no longer be known as the twerps. From here forth the shall be dubbed 'offspring'.

There, that makes me feel much better.

It is true they are grubby, little, misbehaving miscreants and neither Lynley nor I have figured out what to do about it. It isn't as though they have not met with resistance. Neither Lynley nor I have been tolerant of this behavior. I don't know what it is. I don't know whether we are not being consistent enough or whether this is just a tide that has flowed in due to the fact that it is summer and they are all back together. Regardless, I don't like it.

Not one little bit.

The good news is that next week things will be shook up a bit. Sydney is going to camp. This will be great for her and she is really looking forward to it. For the rest of the 'offspring' it is a good idea as well. Without their normal ring leader to listen to we will have a better opportunity to break through the veil of bad behavior. Additionally, for this week, we will not be outnumbered. We have a legitimate chance to regroup and retrain. We will no longer be playing zone. It is one on one baby. Twerp Hell Week - here we come.

Purpose is fun but always a challenge.

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