Monday, July 27, 2009

Batteries Recharged

Good morning! Wow, what a relaxing weekend. I can't always say that but, boy, this one sure was nice. It was good too. I needed a break. The other good news is that I did not even have to use my big mean daddy voice and the kiddos had a great time as well. And guess what, no chaos. They were much better the last few days of the week and spent the weekend in good spirits. Whether this is the calm before the storm is yet to be elucidated but we sure had a blast.

Friday night was busy. Graham had a birthday party where he was reunited with many of his old classmates. The party was held at one of those inflatable jumping wonderlands. He successfully jumped, hopped, ran and slid to his heart's content. By the end, he had been successfully drained of energy and that may, in fact, be the reasoning for such superb behavior that night.

Sydney spent Friday night at a sleepover with her best friend Jillian. Ainsley spent the early evening with mom at home. Eventually, we were reunited and had a nice dinner for four. Hmmm. Now I am starting to realize why this weekend was so easy. For half of it we only had four kiddos. I find it interesting that it is only now that I realized that. Wow, my old age is starting to show.

Saturday night we found the twerplets all back together. Lynley was feeling under the weather so I took the kiddos out to Mama's pizza with the Robertson's. The kiddos had fun playing the video games while the adults enjoyed some relaxing conversation. Sydney was sure to tell me on the way home that she stilled loved Truman. It was not in those exact words but, it was very clear that was her meaning. I knew I should have started her in Tae Kwon Do at an earlier age! I changed the subject as quickly as possible and made it home quickly to watch a movie and go to bed. Harry Potter was the movie of the night and I was hopeful it would successfully drain any romanticism that she was feeling.

Sunday was another relaxing day. We visited the duck pound, walked the dogs in the park and spent some time swimming. Later, Sydney would spend some time over at DeeDee's house. All in all, it was just a lackadaisical day at the Dungan's. I think we are ready to face another week.

Our purpose has been rejuvenated.

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