Friday, July 10, 2009

G and As First Trip to Camp Sanguinity

Good morning! I apologize for not writing yesterday morning but there was already enough chaos with trying to get the rugratigans out the door and on their way to Camp Sanguinity. It is funny how we have grown throughout this process of parenting. I vividly remember the first day that we sent Sydney off for a day at Camp Sanguinity. It was so surreal. I remember sitting at my office all day wondering and worrying about her. Would she be okay with out us? I was completely worthless the entire day. I could think of nothing else and Lynley and I spent the better part of the day chatting back and forth over our instant messengers. We were giant puddles of panic and worry.

I tell you that because on Graham and Ainsley's first trip to camp it was the complete opposite. No, it is not that we love them any less. First off, they made it easier. They were so incredibly excited to go to camp that they forgot to even give us hugs or kisses goodbye. We rectified that situation but, it was certainly not due to their need for parental comfort. They were ready to go. Second, we, too, have been hardened by years of parenting. We knew they would be just fine. They had each other and we knew they had Sydney once they got there. On top of all of this we also knew they had all of the Cook Children's nurses, physicians, and child life specialists to keep them happy and safe. If I am being completely honest, I never even had a second thought about it. I was utterly confident that they would have a great time.

They made it back at about 5:15 PM last night. They were worn out but happy to be home. Lynley used her new phone to interview them. Here you go, straight from the twerps themselves.

All in all, I consider this a great success. Today we should hear the rest of the story as Sydney returns from her week long adventure at about 11:00 AM. We can't wait to see her. The big question will still remain though. Can we make it through the weekend without them turning back into 'offspring.'

Not to worry, I have been rejuvenated. I overfloweth with twerp purpose.

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Anonymous said...

Please tell me that Ainsley was NOT out of her seat while the van was moving. It appears that she was not buckled in.