Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Home again.

Ah, home sweet home. Last night I arrived home to my family. I was back in the swing of things. It was pretty clear that the kiddos were pretty glad to see me. They have learned through much practice that when Daddy leaves on a trip he brings back presents. They also know that if they ask for the presents as soon as I get in the car or walk through the door, that the process will be delayed indefinately. It is a game of give and take and I would be lying if I did not tell you that I enjoyed playing the game. I love acting like I forgot to purchase them trinkets in the airport gift shop. I really drag it on. I tell them how much I missed them and how much I love them. You can literally feel the anticipation build. The extremely nice feature of dragging on the gift giving is that, for 10 minutes, I have the absolute sweetest, kindest, and best behaved kiddos in the entire world. It is beautiful.

This time, however, my kiddos outsmarted me. As soon as I stepped opened the door and sat in the car they had gifts waiting for me. Yes, they figured that if they gave me gifts I would be forced to give in return. Yes, brilliant, this would surely speed up the process. My kiddos are clever ones, they are. I received a crisp new one dollar bill from Sydney - no doubt acquired from my change drawer in the armoire next to my bed. From Graham I received a brand new miniature sized leather football. It was nice. I should know. I got it for him as a gift last football season. Ainsley was not to be out done, though. Her gift to me was a stuffed kitty that she slept with. This gift, however, was only mine for the moment. As one might expect, after this, they looked at me lovingly and waited with baited breath.

and waited...

and waited...

It was quite fun waiting. Unfortunately the temptation was just to much and it was not long before they all blurted out. "But, daddy, where are our presents."

Ah, home sweet home. This is what purpii are all about.

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