Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Happy Trojan Horse of Twerphood

It has rained much of the week here in beautiful Fort Worth, Texas. Yesterday was pretty clear with the exception of a few sprinkles. Yet, the kiddos still elected not to go swimming or play outside. This, has left them inside, doing the same things, over and over.

A new storm is brewing but, for a change, it is inside the house.

Our kiddos are going stir crazy.

Oh, I can see our mothers now - all happy and giddy. We are finally getting our just desserts. In their eyes, we are getting what we deserve and certainly no less than we gave. That is fine. But, don't think of us. Think of poor Miss Claudia who has been thrown to the hungry wolvelets. We are blood. We have to put up with it. Miss Claudia, luckily is not. And, we aren't paying her nearly enough. ( I hope she doesn't read that.)

They are taking over.

If it wasn't so embarrassing, this whole situation would truly be hilarious. My kiddos aren't bad. In fact, they are generally pretty great. As a threesome they are great fun. I don't know that I have necessarily ever seen a closer group of siblings. They love playing together. The problem is that they love it too much. It does not take long before the love turns to laughter, the laughter to chaos, and then, somehow, to violence. It is difficult to explain. You have these kiddos having a blast, giggling absolutely uncontrollably and, the next thing you know, it erupts into all out war. I can't say that I have ever experienced anything like it. It is day and night. It is the Trojan Horse of Twerphood.

The truly unfortunate part of all of this is that the giggleness seems to lead to obstinate behaviors. It becomes 'okay' not to list to your superiors. It seems funny to say 'no' when asked to settle down. It is as if they have swallowed some kind of giggle juice laced with a hint of bad kid. The next thing you know my wonderful twerps have turned into miscreant offspring.

We have to get them out of the house. We have to show them the light.

Purpose, give us strength.

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Team Russi said...

My son is also very spirited. We find that with the great highs come the great lows. Good luck with the twerplets!