Friday, July 17, 2009

Defense against the dark arts

Good Morning! And this time I mean it. I am happy to say that I made it through all of my research proposals and I have written all of my reviews. Now I can take a deep breath and relax. This is, of course, until I have to stand in front of a group of oncologists that specialize in neuroblastoma and defend my point of view this weekend. It ought to be fun. To my pleasant surprise most of my reviews were very much in line with others opinions. However, there were two that there was some pretty significant differences with one of the expert reviewers. We will see how that goes but I am thinking that just may be his style. Regardless, I am looking forward to my trip.

With all of this neuroblastoma stuff I have neglected to update you on my offspring. Yes, you heard it. They have been demoted to 'offspring' again. The infighting amongst the 3 of them is ridiculous. The good news is that Lynley and I are having nothing to do with it. Punishment has been swift and severe. I am hoping a few days of this will show them that it is not worth it. At some point they will realize that it is easier to be nice to their siblings than it is to be mean to them.

I just hope it comes sooner than later.

For their sake, I also wish that this was not coming at such a busy time. With me out of town and Lynley in her busiest week of the year we can't spend as much time working on this with them as we would like. The good news is that tonight is family Tae Kwon Do. Perhaps, they can all beat it out of each other.

It is also time for my rematch with the 8 year old black belts. Don't laugh they will be tougher to defend against than my research opinions.

It is a purpii day of reckoning.

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Natasha Moraes said...

Hi Mark, best of luck in Washingotn. I wondered why you weren't at the conference! Miss getting a chance to meet you

Love your blogs