Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The success of failure

Well, I had better hurry up and get this entry out. The atmosphere around our house is electric. They can sense school closings due to ice and they are very, very excited. In the same sense, I am actually a little bit scared.

The kiddos had a great weekend and have slid into the week just fine. Last night was another night of Tae Kwon Do and the kids are really adjusting well. I am amazed at how much they have improved in the few short weeks since they began. At this rate they are destined to take over the universe by mid-April. You laugh? Not me!

Graham is a natural but, at this point, I am most impressed with Sydney. It is not because of her capability but more because of her ability to work through imperfection. For me, honestly, I can care less if she can ever do Tae Kwon Do with any expertise. That was never my goal. Besides, she has enough of her mother in her that I am not worried of anyone ever taking advantage of her. For me, the measurement stick for Sydney is simply in participating. It is building confidence. For Sydney there is no fear of being hit. Her fear is looking the fool. She needs to learn that (a) everyone makes mistakes, (b) that you must fail to succeed, and (c) that if she tries hard enough she can accomplish anything she wants to. She needs successes. So far, it looks very much like that she is succeeding in learning these very important lessons.

Still, I am continually amazed that someone that has endured all that she has can possibly lack self confidence.

She just needs a good shot of purpose.

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