Wednesday, January 14, 2009

MIBG Therapy: Where are we headed?

A video of the MIBG therapy presentation by Dr. Gregory Yanik from the CNCF's neuroblastoma conference is now available online on the website. Dr. Yanik is one of my favorite oncologists. By many, he is considered the father of MIBG therapy. For others, he is just considered one of the nicest pediatric oncologists in the world. The video can be found here:

This video does a pretty good job of summarizing the different options available to families as far as MIBG therapy goes. Although MIBG therapy is not necessarily a front line option for all children with stage IV neuroblastoma it should definitely be a consideration for those that have refractory disease. As a combination with transplant it is now a viable option for kids with less than a complete response to induction. Bottom-line, if you are heading to transplant and your child still has some disease present, this is something that should be on your radar. I am not saying it is a must but it should certainly be considered and discussed. It may not be right for your child but, then again, it might. Make sure you ask.

Dr. Yanik also discusses some of the other MIBG therapies available to children with refractory or relapsed disease post transplant. This, by the way, includes the new super powered version of MIBG (Azedra) which holds great promise. In short, this is a helpful video for anyone that has some disease present and it is also a pretty good video for those that just want to stay on top of options for treating neuroblastoma.

I guess you could call this nuclear purpose.

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