Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Caped Puke Crusaders

Good morning! Well, it has been a few days. In fact, I don't think I have written yet this year - and for good reason, too.

Over the years I have learned to take things in stride. However, if the rest of 2009 goes like the last five days then this might just be the best year to simply bury my head into the sand. Actually, 2008 wasn't such a bad year and, as you will find out, it began just the same way.

You see, we began last year with Mark settled in the den between two puking girls. While I have chosen to wipe many of the details from my memory, I still distinctly remember trying to sleep on an air mattress in the middle of our living room floor. I place emphasis on the word "try" as I also remember spending most of the hours meant for sleep shuffling puke containers back and forth to the kitchen, doing laundry, and cleaning unmentionables in the bathroom. Everyone got sick. Lynley, Sydney, Ainsley - heck even Mimi eventually

Well, everyone but the boys. It seems that we were immune to the "vomit virus" We were thankful that we made it out unscathed and proud that we had done such a stellar job caring for the girls. Yes, for weeks we could point out our courage and selflessness in the face of their sicknesses and get away with almost anything.

Sure enough, though, they soon forgot. It was not long before we were relegated back to our normal positions within the household - Honey-Do List Boy and his side kick Middle Child.

It was amazing how quickly they forgot how we ushered their puke buckets back and forth, how we cleaned up for them after nasty trips to the bathroom, and how we cooled their heads with those ever damp cloths.

And so came this year.

As if a punishment from up above for not appreciating their men well enough, the plague of the "vomit virus" once again swept through our house and spared the man child and his benevolent and caring father. It swept through the women like wild fire inducing explosions on either end - often in unison. For days we toiled. - gladly bringing chicken noodle soup when needed - only to run off to clean up after another vile explosion somewhere else.

Who was there?


Yes, SuperDad and his sidekick the Twerp Wonder - the Caped Puke Crusaders.

Maybe this year they will remember our sacrifice.

Then again, probably not.

Especially if they read this.

I think this is just another one of those things that we were supposed to do.

Purpose, take us away.

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