Monday, January 12, 2009

The Amazing Magnet

Well, I am happy to report that Sydney made it through the MRI just fine. Unfortunately, Lynley, once again, did not. You see, Lynley is known for always forgetting to leave something metal on her body when we enter the MRI room with Sydney. Last time it was her hair pins. She spent out last vist clutching her head as her hair pins fidgeted and pulled themselves toward the magnet. After that experience, she said it felt like bugs were crawling through her hair. I just thought it was funny. I had a picture in my head of Agatha, the green witch from the Bug's Bunny cartoons, that always had hair pins flying out of her hair when ever she took off on her broom. Of course, I am not making any other comparison here.

So, yes, I thought that was funny. But I must admit that this time was even more funny. I little heads up for the ladies out there. Apparently, the under wire of a bra can have the same problem. Lynley stated that it was one of the more violating experiences she ever had. She said that they spent the better part of an hour vibrating. I just could not help but laugh. Frankly, I always felt drawn to them as well. It must be my magnetic personality.

Oh, bad, I know. I will be sleeping on the couch for the rest of the week for that one.

Regardless, the important part is that Sydney did fine. The placement of her peripheral IV was the only hard part. It took 3 pokes and it was one of the anesthesiologists that finally got the job done.

Hopefully, we will receive the results today but I am not holding my breath.

I will be purposefully patient.

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