Tuesday, January 13, 2009

MRI Results

Well, here we go. Results! I should let you know that we are still lacking an official report. However, I can tell you that Dr. Eames did talk to the radiologist reading the scans and this is what she had to say:

Radiology just called and images just got loaded late this am and just now read. Formal report not out yet but I talked with radiologist who read study and all is moving in favorable direction. Still not normal appearing but continued improvement with less changes in the focal cortical lesion and minimal enhancement now in adjacent soft tissues. Bottom line, it appears to be resolving/healing. Signal intensity in the marrow is lessening in each study.

My recommendation is to repeat in early May along with CTs which will put our CTS at ~6 mo interval and f/u MRI at 4 mo interval. She will need Echo and EKG at May visit as well as counts , chems and thyroid studies.

So, there you have it - pretty good news if you ask me. I will take a big sigh as I was obviously fearing the worst (that is the neuroblastoma hating dad inside of me.)

Now, all I have to worry about is Lynley finding out that I talked about her bra in my diary.

Purpose comes in many forms.

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