Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Big Lie

Yesterday morning was quite a change for all of the kids. They weren't quite ready to head back to school. There was significant groggy moaning as we began the morning race to get ready for school. Ainsley and Graham led the charge. Sydney was already beginning to claim her inability to get ready for school. It started with "I am too tired to get dressed" and was followed by a blatant disregard for our "suggestions" to do so. Eventually, we were able to motivate her into her school uniform and downstairs for breakfast.

At the breakfast table she continued on her whiny path.
"I don't want to eat." "I am not hungry." "My tummy hurts." "I feel sick."

Based on her behavior I was not too willing to give in. I pulled a hard line.

"Eat your breakfast, Sydney!"

She refused to eat. She remained argumentative and difficult. Eventually her mother came down stairs. While we were alone on the far side of the kitchen, Lynley told me that she had not completely recovered either and that, perhaps, she still was sick.

I decided to be softer. Since I did not know how either of them truly felt I decided to let Lynley handle the situation. Within moments it was decided that Sydney would stay home from school. I was still sceptical and I made it clear that if she was going to stay home today she had to do so as a sick person. That meant she stayed up in her room in bed. No playing. No Wii. No nothing. If you are sick, you are sick.

Yeay, yeah , yeah. I know. I am a big meany.

Big old daddy meany. I get it.

Lynley took Graham and Ainsley to school. Sydney went up to bed. I got the computers out (yes computers - I am that sophisticated) and began to work away in my home office.

Time flew by. I was cranking away.

At 9:40 AM Sydney came down stairs. I heard a small voice from around the corner.


"Daddy, I did not tell the truth. I just didn't want to go to school."


I was extremely disappointed. In fact, I still am. Sydney and I have always had a bond which seemed to help transecend lies. In fact, on many, if not all occasions I have been able to get to the bottom of almost anything with her.

She gave all kinds of excuses from "I am afraid" to "I don't want people to make fun of my purple thumb." At this point , however, this was not a word out of her mouth that had any credibility with me.

Sure, I did not use my SuperDad truth telling powers on her yesterday morning but still, I just wish she had been honest with me. I am glad she eventually came down stairs and told me the truth but still I was taken back.

Look, I know she isn't perfect. Heck, she has too much of me in her for that. But, I expect truth telling to be pretty important.

I wish she hadn't made that choice.

Hopefully, she will learn and, hopefully, we will be able to build back that lost trust.

It was a disappointing day to be a Dad. I wonder what I can do to help her realize the importance of telling the truth.

Yesterday I was tricked by my purpii.

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