Thursday, January 22, 2009

In the Pipeline

Yesterday I posted another video from the CNCF's conference on the website. This presentation was given by Dr. Patrick Reynolds. You may remember his name as I have mentioned him often. Over the years he has become a friend and he is very definitely one of my favorite neuroblastoma researchers. He is passionate and he clearly cares about finding the cure. He has been instrumental in many of the most important discoveries in the neuroblastoma world and continues to lead many of the neuroblastoma initiatives throughout the country. I am yet to see a nook or cranny of the neuroblastoma world where his name does not come up. I am thankful that he is out there fighting for our kiddos.

Regardless, in this video he presents research and information on some of the new and emerging drugs and combinations in the war against neuroblastoma. Most notably, in this video he presents much of the important research regarding the combination of Fenretinide(4HPR) and ABT-751. I won't bore you with all of the facts as it is documented in the video. However, I will tell you that this is likely the most promising preclinical data that I have ever seen in neuroblastoma. It clearly balances efficacy (lots) with toxicity (almost none) in a way that works for kiddos. It needs to be in all of our children now!

Of course, you probably also remember that I mentioned that the protocol for this clinical trial has been written for almost two years. Unfortunately, due to a series of hold ups, it still is not in our children. The latest and most difficult hurdle has been getting Abbott to supply the drug for the trial.

They don't want to.

Isn't that nice? They are well aware of the activity in neuroblastoma. However, they have feared opening the combination trial for a variety of reasons. One of which being that it would compete with the Phase 2 ABT-751 single agent trial. Another less firm reason surrounds some speculation that they may not be caring the drug forward. Either or both of which has been frustrating beyond belief. We have tried many things - including an offer to by the drug outright. However, nothing has seemed to work. We are still in talks and I am hopeful that our latest effort will finally get this combination into kids.

We will see how it goes.

So, yes, I got myself way off track for announcing the posting of a very interesting video. None the less, it is worth a watch - especially if some of these drugs may be in your future. The video can be found here:

A pipeline of purpose today.

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