Friday, November 28, 2008

The Hay Hole

Well, I have a few moments to type before the twerps make their way downstairs. They are sleeping now but I know full well that their play clocks are ticking. We only have 1 day left in Alabama and they are well aware of it. They will be moving to get in as much as they possibly can today. That is good news as today we are heading out to the farm. You may remember this episode from our last visit. This was a black day in our family. Yes, this is the day that Lynley's Suburban died on the way back from the farm. This marked the end of my dream of getting a new car. Yes, it was this very trip that Lynley leveraged a simple broken axle into a new car for herself. Oh, the memories - back when I used to have dreams of a car with low fuel costs. I guess I can't really complain as the good karma eventually came in my direction in significantly lower gas prices.

So, today! The kiddos can't wait to go to the farm. They have been looking forward to this for weeks. If I told you exactly why, your impression of me might change. In fact, I did not even mention it last time due to the possibility of a misconception. However, given the fact that this is such a major part of their lives, I guess I will just have to say it. The kiddos love the farm because of the "hay hole." Yep, you heard me. They absolutely love the "hay hole" at the farm. They love going in the "hay hole." They love going out of the "hay hole." They love everything about the hay hole. The worst part of this all is the fact that they love talking about the "hay hole."

You see Doc McCurdy keeps bales of hay up in the attic space of his barn. The kids love this because of all of the little hiding spaces that they can find and create. They always seem to create some type of igloo type of structure that keeps them talking all year long. For some reason, they call the front door of this structure the "hay hole". They have no concept of what it sounds like when they call it the "hay hole" but they delight in talking about it no matter where we go. Think about it. Now, I want to remind you. They have no concept of what it sounds like. There is no recognition. The only sign that they get that there could be an issue is the fact that I cringe every time they say it. Let me tell you why. They will tell the check out lady at the grocery story how much they love playing in the hay hole. They will tell the gas station attendant how warm it is in the hay hole. They will tell the waitress at dinner how, if they all scrunch up real tight, they can all fit in the hay hole. Yes, they delight in telling the whole world how much they love playing in the McCurdy hay hole.

It is down right embarrassing. I can't help it.

Sometimes I also can't stop laughing.

Regardless today my purpose will be focused on the hay hole.

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